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Level Up Dispensary - Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

Exclusively available at our Scottsdale Location!

Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Assistance Program

Did you know?

10% of every purchase you make at Level Up goes towards paying for your medical marijuana card renewal?

The cost of a medical marijuana card and renewal can be burdensome for patients. That’s why we started our Patient for Life program. The idea is to help patients cover the cost of their annual card application to make it easier to get the medicine they need.

Here’s How it works

New Patients

Step 1: Get Certified by our partner, Dr. Santo*

Step 2: Receive Savings! You can choose to receive nine (9) $25 credits or three (3) $75 credits, totaling $225.

*Fees must be paid upfront at the time of the exam.

Existing Patients

Existing patients will automatically receive a voucher at the Scottsdale location equal to 10% of their annual spend at Level Up to go towards the card renewal fee (not to exceed $225).

This sounds great! How do I sign up?

Visit Dr. Santo’s website ScottsdaleCertificationCenter.com


The state of Arizona charges a standard $150 fee for each application every year.  Patients who receive SNAP benefits are eligible for a $75 reduction in their state fee.

Additionally, each applicant must pay a fee to the doctor to receive a recommendation for the medical marijuana program.  By working with Dr. Santo, we are able to offer patients a special discounted rate on applications:  Our partnered doctor will charge Level Up patients $75 for recommendations.

Typically, a patient will pay:  $150 state fee + $75 recommendation fee = $225 total

An additional $75 fee applies if the patient does not supply medical records and the doctor must conduct an exam.  The exam fee is waived for veterans.




Effective August 1st, 2018 a $75 hold fee will be required when making an appointment

I’m a new Level Up patient; How do I receive my coupons?

If you do not have a current medical marijuana card, you must wait for your card to arrive in the mail, approximately 7-10 business days after your application has been approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services.  Once you receive your card, return to Level Up with your new medical marijuana card and tell our front desk staff you renewed with Dr. Santo.  They will set you up as a new patient and issue the coupons on your account.

If you already have a valid card, just let us know you renewed with Dr. Santo and we will set you up as a new patient and issue the coupons on your account.

Coupons are only valid at our Scottsdale location, and will not be honored at the new Tempe location at this time.

Effective June 2018, a $150 purchase is required to redeem $75 Patient for Life coupons, and a $50 purchase is required to redeem $25 coupons. 

I’m an existing Level Up patient; How do I receive my voucher?

Before your appointment with Dr. Santo, please check in with our Patient for Life staff and they will calculate the value of your voucher and provide you with a printed copy to give to the doctor.

I’m an existing Level Up patient; Am I automatically enrolled in the program?

As of 4/20/17, All Level Up patients start accumulating 10% of their purchases towards a voucher to renew their card (max value $225).

Is this program for first-time patients or card renewals?

Both first-time patients and medical marijuana card renewals are eligible.

Can I use my coupons all at once?

Discounts are limited to one use per day.

Coupons must be redeemed in $75 or $25 increments.

Do these coupons expire?

Yes, the coupons are good for 1 year from the date of your doctor’s exam.

What happens when it’s time to renew my card next year?  

Patients have the option of choosing coupons or voucher the first time they enroll in Patient for Life.  After your first enrollment, 10% of everything you purchase at Level Up will go towards your next card renewal.  All established Level Up patients will have the option of using these savings towards a future card renewal.  The coupons are offered only the first time you renew your card through Patient for Life.

How much do I have to spend in a year to receive a voucher that completely covers my card?  

Patients who have spent $2,250 (pre-tax) in the 12 months prior will receive a coupon of $225 to cover their card expenses.  On average, that’s $43 or an 1/8th of flower per week.  If you spend more than $2,250 in the previous 12 month period (starting 4/20/17) then you will pay nothing out of pocket for your medical marijuana card.  Please note, an additional $75 fee applies if the patient does not supply medical records and the doctor must conduct an exam.  The exam fee is waived for veterans.

What locations participate in the Patient for life program?  

The Patient for Life program is exclusively available at our Scottsdale location!

The Tempe location does not accept Patient for Life coupons at this time.

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