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Level Up Scottsdale Dispensary Menu: CBD , THC, Medical Marijuana, and more

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Level Up Dispensary

Scottsdale Location

Deli Style, Delivery Available

HOURS: 9 A.M. TO 7 P.M Daily

14980 N 78th Way
Suite 204
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Level Up Dispensary - Scottsdale

14980 N 78th Way, Suite 204

Scottsdale, AZ 65260

“Friendly staff, great service, and good prices and sales! The staff is knowledgeable and very well trained!!”



“Excellent service and selction! ”



“The service is outstanding! The variety is great. Quality is super! But mostly, I love the perks and incentives of being a Level Up patient.”



“I love the staff here at Level Up! Julee is AMAZING and always makes me feel so welcome. Level Up has the best daily specials on this side of town. Everyone is great here! ”



5 Ways to Spice up Your Edibles

If you're preferred method of medicating is using one of our many Edible products sold up at Level Up Scottsdale, then we definitely suggest using these fun recipes to spice things up. Creamsicle Float: Perfect for those with a huge sweet tooth or those looking for a...

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Become a Patient for Life at Level Up Scottsdale

  At Level Up, we are first and foremost committed to the care and well-being of our patients. That means connecting them with the quality medicine they deserve is the most important part of our mission. This is why we created the Patient for Life program. We know the...

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The State of Concentrates 2017

The state of medical cannabis has never been in a better place since the government made cannabis a Schedule 1 drug, wrongly deeming it a plant with "absolutely no medical value".  While it's obvious the drug classification given by the federal government is wildly...

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LevelUP Patient For Life Program

We at Level Up always keep our patients in mind at every level of the medical marijuana journey.  Of course, we love to help you from the second you step inside our dispensary to get the medicine you need as any other Arizona dispensary would do. But we take our care...

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Trokie Is Now Patent Approved

The Trokie is officially patented! Now, we know the Trokie might not mean anything to you yet so let us go ahead and clarify why this new product is going to change medical marijuana in Arizona and throughout the nation as you know it! Dr. Kent Crowley created the...

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Level Up Wins BIG in International Visual Competition

VMSD Magazine hosted its annual International Visual Competition this past month of July 2017 to commemorate the best of the best when it comes to different aspects of design and business coexisting together. This competition is specifically based on the visual...

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Medical Marijuana and the Diseases It Helps?

For much of humankind's relationship with cannabis throughout the ages, cannabis was considered a miracle, magical or religious plant. The medicinal and healing properties that marijuana infuses into its users has never been fully understood until recently. However,...

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Who Is LevelUp and What Do They Provide

Level Up is a luxury cannabis dispensary that provides premium products, medications, and experiences to cannabis consumers. The luxury medical marijuana dispensary is located near the Airpark in Scottsdale, Arizona, within minutes from some of the city's finest...

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Medical marijuana in Arizona has become overwhelmingly popular, and with the number of choices on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right ones. At LevelUp Scottsdale, our products are the purest and most potent that you can find. Regardless of your dosing, LevelUp Scottsdale offers a variety of cannabis products to meet your needs.


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil offers the all the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the side effects. Our CBD Oil can be found in our Clear Vape and K.I.N.D. Clear product lines. Whether you like to vape or dab, our CBD oil products are the best on the market.  

Live Resin Wax

CBD Live Resin comes in a variety of delicious flavors and can either be purchased in cartridges for vaping or syringes for dabbing.

Medical Marijuana Edibles

Edibles are a great tasting way to introduce high levels of cannabinoids into the body in order to experience the medicinal benefits. By avoiding any unnecessary side effects that smoking can cause, choosing to medicate with edibles is an effective and tasty alternative.  


Commonly known by a variety of names like Flake and Glass, Shatter has become an extremely popular concentrate due to its higher THC content and flavor. 


The wax producing process utilizes highly efficient purging methods to extract the THC from the marijuana. The resulting solid contains very concentrated THC levels even though the texture and color can vary.

Marijuana Concentrates

These forms of medical marijuana provide exceptional benefits in much lower doses compared to even top shelf strains of marijuana. Oils, waxes, shatters and other forms all are increasing in popularity, which is why LevelUp Scottsdale is proud to offer the purest products to our customers.