Feeling Isolated? Connect with Other Medical Marijuana Patients and Advocates

August 18, 2017 | Medical Marijuana | 0 comments

Does the rest of your family members and friends not have medical marijuana cards? Are you feeling a little isolated in your cannabis use as an Arizona state registered medical marijuana user? Don’t worry; it makes sense if you feel a little alone in this new world of medical marijuana. Many people in the state have never used marijuana before, and even fewer have decided to become registered cannabis patients. However, there are still a number of ways to find other patients who share in your enthusiasm and advocacy of medical marijuana benefits.

A great place to meet other cannabis patients is at a medical marijuana dispensary that you visit.

There are always other patients coming in and out of these establishments and there is almost always a lobby where patients such as you have to wait for the product and medicine showrooms to become available to enter and peruse. During that waiting time in the lobby, you might as well start up a conversation with someone who seems “cool” to see if this is a person you might actually have something in common with besides being medical marijuana patients and even eventually become a potential contact or friend.

It is very common nowadays for the Arizona medical marijuana community to collect and convene at events called farmer markets.  To enter these events, you will need a current, valid medical marijuana card. A farmer market is when various medical marijuana dispensaries and caregivers congregate and set up booths to show off their medicine. While these “farmers” are off selling or giving off their products to patients in an effort to brand and show the medical marijuana community their products and services you can take advantage of being around other like-minded medical marijuana users and start conversations or meet people.  There is always a big crowd of passionate medical marijuana enthusiasts there so you might be able to find your next best like-minded friend.

The medical marijuana community in Arizona is also known to throw diverse types of festivals and events as well that are prime places to meet and greet with new people in the cannabis market. Events such as The Errl Cup and other concentrate or medical marijuana events are another avenue where a medical marijuana dispensary or caregiver can showcase and give away their products. In these events, you will also need a medical marijuana card to be able to enter. But once you are inside you will be amongst a crowd of patients that are able to smoke legally there and in such a social, positive environment you are bound to find potential friends.

These above methods may seem extremely direct, and in today’s world of social media and cell phone texting may even seem awkward for you to contact other patients in person, face to face.  If that is the case, why not use the current technology of social media channels to find people in the medical marijuana market that you may like to hang out with?  Social media channels such as Facebook and now Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc. give all of us the ability to get in touch with anybody at any time. By getting familiar and used to these platforms you could find friends of all different types.  Perhaps get used to searching for certain hashtags and in general just being social on these social media applications.  Start commenting on people’s or brand’s posts or even direct message to start a conversation with people you are interested in.

If you have any question about medical marijuana or getting involved with the community, please contact us at Level Up, and we will be happy to help you!

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