Become a Patient for Life at Level Up Scottsdale

January 26, 2018 | Medical Marijuana | 0 comments

Our Patient for Life Billboard in Phoenix, AZ

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At Level Up, we are first and foremost committed to the care and well-being of our patients. That means connecting them with the quality medicine they deserve is the most important part of our mission. This is why we created the Patient for Life program. We know the cost of the MMJ card is a prohibitive barrier between many patients and their medicine. Patient for Life helps offset those costs so patients can focus a bit less about the money and more on living the healthy lifestyle they seek.


Cost of an Arizona MMJ card


The fact of the matter is that Arizona has the highest MMJ card fee in the U.S., currently sitting at $150 per year. Lucky us! *rolls eyes* When you factor in the additional cost of the doctor visit fee, you’re looking at paying a whopping $300 or more. And that is every year! YIKES!


How our Patient for Life program can help


It’s simple. We’ve teamed up with Dr. Carlos Santo from Scottsdale Certification Center,  conveniently located just across the walkway from Level Up Scottsdale, to offer his new MMJ patients a reimbursement valued at $225. Although we aren’t allowed to pay the fee directly, we can apply steep discounts towards the purchase of medicine inside Level Up.


So how does this program work?


Step 1: Make an appointment with Dr. Santo at 480-363-2501

Step 2: Get approved because you have a qualifying condition

Step 3: Once you have received your card, come back to Level Up Scottsdale and we will give you a choice between the following reimbursement options:
Option 1: Nine $25 vouchers (9x$25=$225)

Option 2: Three $75 vouchers (3x$75=$225)


You can use these at any point, but each individual voucher must be completely redeemed at the time of purchase. For example, if you plan to use one $75 voucher you must use the full amount rather than using $30 one day and $45 another. Make sense?


What’s the catch?


No catch. You must be examined by Dr. Santo to get certified, and then visit Level Up Scottsdale to claim your discounts.


Already have your MMJ card? Patient for Life can help you too!


That $150 renewal rolls around every year like clockwork and that shouldn’t stand between you and your medicine. As part of our Patient for Life program, we credit back 10% of every purchase made at Level Up towards the renewal cost of your MMJ card. (For those of you using the vouchers discussed earlier, this applies too!)


Basically, if your annual spend at Level Up totals $2250 (basically an eighth of flower a week, or about $40-$45) the renewal of your MMJ card will be completely covered by our Patient for Life rebate. No other dispensaries have a program that works so well for their patients!


Become a Patient for Life today and stop by Level Up, 14980 N 78th Way #204, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Want exclusive deals and news? You deserve to live life a Level Up so follow us on social media for news and promotions.



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