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The State of Concentrates 2017

The state of medical cannabis has never been in a better place since the government made cannabis a Schedule 1 drug, wrongly deeming it a plant with "absolutely no medical value".  While it's obvious the drug classification given by the federal government is wildly...

LevelUP Patient For Life Program

We at Level Up always keep our patients in mind at every level of the medical marijuana journey.  Of course, we love to help you from the second you step inside our dispensary to get the medicine you need as any other Arizona dispensary would do. But we take our care...

Trokie Is Now Patent Approved

The Trokie is officially patented! Now, we know the Trokie might not mean anything to you yet so let us go ahead and clarify why this new product is going to change medical marijuana in Arizona and throughout the nation as you know it! Dr. Kent Crowley created the...

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